The National Committee for Accreditation of coaching Education (NCACE) is a committee maintained by the United States Center for Coaching Excellence (USCCE), a not-for-profit organization involved in supporting the professions of coaching, coaching education and coach development.  Under its auspices, the purpose of NCACE is to grant accreditation to educational programs that meet or exceed the requirements outlined in the NCACE Guidelines for Accreditation of Coaching Education.  Key to NCACE’s efforts are the National Standards for Sport Coaches.  Originally published in 1995 and recently updated in 2019 by the SHAPE America, the standards provide the basis in which NCACE evaluates the content of coaching education programs.

Committee Members
Andy Driska

Michigan State University (2021)

Brain Gearity

University of Denver (2021)

Mark Stanbrough

Emporia State University (2021)

Zelijka Vidic

Western Michigan University (2023)

Denise Wood


Mary Motley

Cleveland State University (2023)

Lori Gano-Overway

USCCE Accreditation Chair (2021)


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