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The goal of NCACE is to maximize the availability of qualified coaches for all sport programs. We believe this occurs when programs provide curricular content aligned with best practices in coaching.  While NCACE has a rigorous review process that provides the highest quality, empirically-based guidance for the creation, implementation, and evaluation of coach education and coach development programs, they recognize that programs may not have the resources to commit to a fully accredited program or may want to start with developing quality curricular content to deliver to coaches.  The recognition program provides programs the opportunity to do this. 


In the recognition program the focus is on complying with 5 Guidelines:  

  1. Clear Mission and Goals

  2. Clear and Inclusive Entry Qualifications

  3. Qualified Administrative Leader

  4. Qualified Instructional Staff or Course Developers

  5. Curricular Content: Coach education provider delivers curricular content that is aligned with SHAPE America's National Standards for Sport Coaches based on course objectives, learning experiences, and assessments

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