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The National Committee for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE) is the premier authority on coaching education in the United States. Operating as a program of the United States Center for Coaching Excellence, NCACE offers accreditation and national recognition to sport organizations and institutions responsible for the preparation of coaches at any and all levels of sport. Our rigorous review process ensures alignment with SHAPE America’s National Standards for Sport Coaches, and that coaches are trained to effectively meet the unique developmental needs of every athlete. Through forward-thinking leadership and our team of expert reviewers, NCACE is uniquely positioned to provide the highest quality, empirically-based guidance for the creation, implementation and evaluation of coaching education programs.


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June, 2020

The USCCE is pleased to announce that the following programs achieved accreditation or re-accreditation:

ACEing Autism Achieves Accreditation of their Program Director Training Program

Emporia State University Re-Accredits the Coaching Minor Program

Professional Tennis Registry Accredited their Level 2 Tennis Instructor Program

USA Track and Field Re-Accredits their Level 1 Coach Education Program

The USCCE and members of the NCACE Review Panel congratulate all of these programs for their commitment to improving their coach education programs.

National Standards

Coaches, coaching educators, administrators, athletes and the public use the national standards for sport coaches for direction regarding the skills and knowledge that coaches should possess. Download the National Standards for Sport Coaches brochure.

May, 2020

The USCCE is pleased to announce that Dr. Jody Langdon and Diane Benish, both from Georgia Southern University, were the recipients of the 2020 USCCE Research Grant.  The title of their project is Utilizing motivational theory to assess how coach developers shape the behaviors of coaches.  They will design and test a research-based assessment protocol to provide specific feedback for coach developers and coaches to  improve their use of autonomy-supportive
and task-involving coaching behaviors.

The USCCE and members of the NCACE Research Grant Review Committee congratulate the award winners.

United States Center for Coaching Excellence

NCACE is a program within the US Center for Coaching Excellence (USCCE). Learn more about USCCE at


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