Why Accredit Your Coaching Education Program?

The National Committee for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE) promotes and facilitates coaching competence within all levels of amateur sport by overseeing and evaluating the quality of coaching education programs. In addition, NCACE endorses comprehensive standards for sport practitioners, including volunteer, interscholastic, collegiate, and elite coaches. The benefits provided to members through accreditation include:

Accountability: Specialized accreditation provides external accountability for the quality of your coaching education program. Demand for this type of accreditation is growing in the public domain and the sports industry.

Enhanced Reputation: Recognition by an established and regarded third-party organization enhances the reputation of your coaching education program among the public and within sports and coaching education industries.

Quality Assurance: Through the accreditation process, NCACE ensures that your coaching education program adheres to the characteristics of excellence as prescribed by the National Standards for Sport Coaches. Coaches and their employers, as well as athletes and their parents, need and are entitled to readily identify evidence as such quality.

Continuous Improvement: The art and science of sport coaching is constantly changing. The accreditation process requires internal review thus fueling continual improvements in your coaching education program to ensure that it continues to meet the guidelines set by the National Standards for Sport Coaches.

Marketing: Accredited programs may use the NCACE logo for promotional purposes, which differentiates your program from the competition and showcases the evidence that your program produces quality coaches who can provide positive sports experiences for your athletes.

NCACE grants accreditation to coaching educational programs that meet or exceed the National Standards for Sport Coaches and the NCACE Accreditation Guidelines. For more information, email info@USCoachExcellence.