Comprehensive Accreditation

The NCACE comprehensive accreditation option offers programs that have a complete program addressing all domains and standards in the National Standards for Sport Coaches (NASPE, 2006) the opportunity to submit and achieve accreditation for a full program.

The areas in which a coaching education program or organization must address in order to achieve comprehensive accreditation:

Domain 1 – Philosophy and Ethics
Domain 2 – Safety and Injury Prevention
Domain 3 – Physical Conditioning
Domain 4 – Growth and Development
Domain 5 – Teaching and Communication
Domain 6 – Sport Skills and Tactics
Domain 7 – Organization and Administration
Domain 8 – Evaluation

A program must document how it addresses each of the standards within the domains (above) using the Guidelines for Accreditation of Coaching Education that overview the organization, personnel, operational procedures and program content of the coaching education program.

Should a program want comprehensive accreditation, but cannot achieve it without supplemental information from an outside source, a program may use the expertise of domain-specific approved programs that have achieved that recognition. The comprehensive program would not be required to re-submit the domain-approved curriculum, but would only have to explain how the curriculum is infused into their comprehensive program. Learn more about domain-specific approval.

Comprehensive accreditation does not stipulate that each domain be independent of the others. Curriculum and trainings can overlap between domains and courses can infuse information as appropriate in achieving the proper training and utilizing resources.