Guidelines for Choosing a CE Provider

There are a number of coaching education providers active in the United States today. Given the wide variety of coaching education programs being marketed to the youth and interscholastic sport world, the following guidelines are provided to aid in determining which coaching education program is best for your sports league and coaching workforce.

Content Quality
The content of coaching education programs should include curriculum relating to the knowledge and skills described in the National Standards for Sport Coaches. Also, is the coaching education program you are proposing to purchase accredited by an impartial national accrediting body?

Sport administrators should calculate what the cost of each coach trained as one means to evaluat different offerings. The cost evaluation should not include any other services or benefits not directly related to training such as insurance, etc.

Legal Requirements
Every sport administrator should be aware of the state and local regulations governing their sports activity so that the provider they hire meets those legal or policy requirements.

Educational Philosophy
Much like athletes, coaches possess different learning styles especially the need to participate in the training. Any sport administrator would be wise to include class participation as an element of any coaching education program to allow the sharing of knowledge from veteran coaches. It is quite possible, in order to meet the needs of all the different learning styles and life demands on coaches, that sport administrators should offer coaching education programs via multiple means (classroom, eLearning, self-paced DVDs, etc.).

Administrative/Technical Support
As with any service provider, what level and availability of administrative and technical support, especially for eLearning, is provided as part of the service should be evaluated as well.